Want to get inspired for your next personal website project? Or is it that you want a personal website for yourself!

Whatever your reasons, you have come to the right place.

Today we are going to look at 10 personal websites that have taken their creativity to a whole new level.

As we go through these sites, we are amazed by the ideas & the thought process that has gone into designing these extraordinary websites.

They are playing with images, graphics, colors & layouts. Not to forget the extraordinary use of typography in these amazing websites that we have collected for you folks today.

These personal websites belong to individuals offering different services, like UX Design, Digital Marketers, creative entrepreneurs. Not necessary that these sites are personal in nature.

Okay, let’s get started…

Andy Patrick


He says he designs things that people use. Currently, he heads up the digital design process at Jan Kelley and plays a big part in improving all user experiences across the agency.

He began his career in Scotland working in traditional design shops.

The website uses Parallax, and the airplane you see flies down the page with you, as you scroll down to find out more. Sometimes, it flies above other content and sometimes, it flies underneath the content.

The overall design is dark with shades of colors here and there. Very creative, loved the design.

Visit Andy Patrick Website

Jonathan Patterson


A portfolio that’s full of imagination, with none of the make-believe.

The website is divided into rectangles of different bright colors. Each rectangle represents a section of the website.

You can simply click on a section to visit that page. Very simple layout and design. It is design using HTML with a .html extension.

Though it is not using a CMS to power the website, you still have a certain level of interactivity to it.

Each of the different pages uses a different color. Very simple, minimalist, but very creative.

An excellent example of a personal website design for your inspiration.

Visit Jonathan Patterson Website

Mike Peters


Mike is a digital designer from Atlanta, Georgia.
He helps agencies and creative studios build user interfaces and digital interactive experiences.

He has over eight years work experience and has worked with a wide variety of brands across the entertainment, automotive and financial industries.

It is a one-page website with a very simple layout and design. It uses Parallax so that each section flows over the other.

It uses darker sections followed by lighter ones. The font and its colors contrast the background so that they are easier to read. The headlines stand out the most, as it should be.

The website is minimalist and clutter free with lots of white spaces. The menu has only 3 options. So you don’t get confused & bogged down by the choices.

Another great example of a simple personal website.

Visit Mike Peters Website



This is again a one-page website, focusing on marketing, branding, and building a powerful mindset for creative entrepreneurs.

The layout is quite unique with a slider having an image covering half of the page with text protruding to the left of it. The text is centered & the image is right aligned. Scrolling down you can see a very clever use of rectangles & images.

I also loved the blog section. Predominantly the background is white darker fonts. The contrast helps reading easier on the eyes.

A unique concept for a personal website. Hopefully will help you to experiment with your own designs.

Visit Jasmine Website

Benediktas Gylys


The website is a one-page personal website of Benediktas Gylys. He describes himself as a terrible photographer, average soon to be published book author and angel investor from Vilnius, Lithuania.

A simple colorful website with shades of dark & light.

Visit Benediktas Gylys Website

Florian J. Färber


Again a one-page website. It seems that all personal websites are one-page websites.

The first screen has a mesmerizing image that would hold your attention. No menus, so you can just scroll down and find out more. The text is primarily dark on a white background, which makes reading very easy.

The website starts with a beautiful image but when you scroll down, it is primarily a resume with different skillsets mentioned towards the end of the page.

Then there is a simple form to get in touch.

Very simple & straightforward. Should serve as a good inspiration for those looking to keep things uncomplicated!

Visit Florian J. Färber Website

Anthony Wiktor


This is a personal website of Anthony, who is a creative director and marketer.

With many years of experience under his belt, he is known to drive demands for brands. His creative studio is based in Hollywood and is known for creating a consumer-centric, imaginative, and conceptual design with a love for storytelling.

The website is dark with white fonts for improved readability. And has an artistic touch to it. Can’t say the website is simple. Though it is clutter-free and easy to navigate.

With only three menu options, you won’t get lost on the website!

The website uses some very clever use of typography and can definitely serve as an inspiration for your next project.

Visit Anthony Wiktor Website

Oli Lisher


Oli is a graphic and web designer, illustrator and front-end developer working from Chichester in the UK.

With over 8 years of experience, he mainly works with companies like 500px, Geckoboard, Meteor, Coderwall, Mixture & Articulate.

The website is HTML based and we very simple.

Visit Oli Lisher Website

Cody James Sielawa


This is the website of Cody. He says he is passionate about creating innovative digital experiences and believes his best work often happens after the end of a normal workday.

The website is filled with solid background colors, and captivating images. When you scroll down you see a lot of his work examples, screenshots of his past work. The menu is a simple hamburger menu.

Visit Cody James Sielawa Website

Marc Thomas


Marc is a digital engineer and a front-end developer.

His website has a very retro look. The pixellated images and fonts give you a feeling of looking at a 90’s computer.

I don’t think you have seen a simpler site than this. It just has a few lines describing Marc. And an option to email him. And some social media icons.

Some may find it too oversimplified. You decide for yourself what you think.

Visit Marc Thomas Website

Stefan Irava


Stefan Irava is a multidisciplinary digital designer, co-founder of Colegoo, and lives in London.

The primary color o the website is blue. It is a simple website and uses Parallax for screen transitions. It is a one-page website and is indeed very well designed.

The blue, white and grey give a very nice feel to the website.

Visit Stefan Irava Website

Gari Cruze


Gari says that he has always loved words, and always loved advertising.

The website is image intensive. It is more like a photography website. The homepage has almost no writeup. But a series of thumbnails from his past projects.

Click on an image and it takes you to that project detail page. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, and they have used it very well to their advantage.

Visit Gari Cruze Website

Seán Halpin


Sean is a web designer/developer based in Toronto, Canada. He has a passion for web design and loves to create for web and mobile devices.

He says he likes to keep it simple. And true to his words, his website is very simple and cute. It looks so innocent that you would voluntarily want to give him work!

He puts a lot of focus on typography, content and conveying the message that you want to send.

A very simple website with custom graphics which makes the website stand out. The menu has only three items, so you won’t get confused on the site.

A perfect site to get inspired.

Visit Seán Halpin Website

Hope you enjoyed our collection of personal websites that we showcased to get you motivated and inspired. To infuse new ideas and to inspire your creativity.

Let me what you thought these sites? Which one is the best? Did we miss one out? Would you like to suggest a site. Let us know in the comments below.